Dear NFT and blockchain, crypto pals,

After launching, we received some feedback for a more user-friendly name and not a derivative name from Kickstarter. So after a bunch of ideas and brainstorms, we have come up with a new name and logo design.

Vietnamese hip-hop fans are enjoying music videos, track releases and a fresh daily digital urban content feed from 84GRND - a reputable multi-media platform and record label launched by After their success with the track Nhac Anh surpassing 8.000.000 …

For those fascinated in the NFT world, they might get the point: it allows buyers to own the original item, thanks to built-in authentication. This also works as a proof of ownership for the buyer. However, a big disadvantage of NFT marketplace is actually the authenticity of the artwork itself…

Tu from Crowdhero

Seeking for the next Henri Matisse in the NFT world.

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